Lady Crinoline Comète

Lady Crinoline Comète

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French designer Jean-Marc Gady is fascinated by the way
the craftsmen at the Crystalworks are able to tame fire and
transform sand into poetry. They inspired him to design Lady
Crinoline for Baccarat, and thus bring Crinoline, the famous
chandelier created in 1895, into the 21st century.
Crowned in engraved, arrowed prisms, this emblematic piece
gives a new lease of life to Baccarat’s heritage. With two
versions that can be arranged in varying formations, the Lady
Crinoline can create cascades of different heights and bathe
a space in showers of crystal.
Like a luminous piece of architecture, the LED version
transfigures its 39 prisms into sparkling icicles of crystal.
The halogen version is adorned with smaller prisms and
showcases the power of its warm, colourful light. With its
unique transparency and gleaming facets reflect light like
thousands of tiny mirrors, Lady Crinoline transforms light
into a surprise that changes with every second that passes,
reflecting even the slightest movement around it.

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